Ford 75w90

Please Check Fluid Specification In Your Vehicle. Autóalkatrész webshop: Eredeti alkatrészek, kedvezőbb áron. Ford 75w-90 BO 1L (WSD-M2C200-C). Az alacsonyabb súrlódás csökkenti a váltó üzemi hőmérsékletét.

Comply with the vehicle or aggregate.

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Ford 75w90

Just found out the garage used 75w90 transmission oil instead of the recommended. The viscosity of 80w90 is nothing like the viscosity of 10w40. In most conditions substituting another gear oil like 75w85 or 75w90 will likely be fine. No one makes an api gl-5 thinner than 75w90 except the oem fluid other. FS Gear Oil 75W-90 is a synthetic high performance gear oil that has excellent extreme.

Universal use for the latest manual and transaxle transmissions. Weiterempfehlen von Motorbike Gear Oil 75W-140 (GL5) VS.

Масло трансмиссионное 75w90 ford 1л wsd-m2c200-c

Ford 75w90

Unfortunately the 100% synthetic gear oils that Motul has are 75W-90 and the car. Buy Valvoline Synpower 75W90 Gear Oil – 1 qt – VAL 975 online from NAPA Auto Parts. There is no doubt the trans was designed to use a lightweight fluid.

VWs trans or a old ford those cone type syncros require the. Check if your manual gives the option of 75w90 or 75w85. Our fully synthetic high-performance gear oil SAE 75W-90 is a top grade, high- pressure gear oil for. T Front Differential – Fluid – Royal Purple Max-Gear Gear Oil 75w90 – 1 Quart. I put Amsoil 75W90 and slip lock additive as I have the 3. Satisfies the gear oil viscosity requirements of 75W90, 80W90, 90 and motor oil. The syntrans 75w90 could be a better substitute than the titan 75w80 in terms of.

Learn More 8 FORD MERCON V, FORD WSS-M2C934-B, FORD. The MB 85w90 is GL5 spec and so are some other branded synthetic 75w90. Synthtic oil with otal driveline.

Pennzoil Platinum Gear 75W-90 Formulated with all the performance additives. Results 1 – 60 of 260 – May 04, 2008 · 80w-90 vs 75w90 gear oil for differentials that you could do any. Subaru FHI SAE 75W-90 Certified High Performance Gear Oil (1) Quart.